Neuigkeiten von Sailors 4 Sustainability „Solar All the Wa(y)ve“

Unsere Freunde Floris und Ivar von der Lucipara haben einen neuen Beitrag auf ihrer Website eingestellt. Eine schöne Erinnerung für uns alle. Wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen – in Teneriffa!

Bitte unterstützt das Anliegen von Sailors 4 Sustainability (Segler für Nachhaltigkeit) durch Interesse für ihr Projekt und die von ihnen beschriebenen nachhaltigen Lösungen.

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem wunderbar geschriebenen Blog von Ivar und Floris zu unserer gemeinsamen Zeit:

Solar All the Wa(y)ve

We don’t have to go far to find something special. The neighbouring boat SolarWave is a catamaran without mast, its roof covered with solar panels. The crew wave at us to come and meet them. Falk, Suzanne and Andrea even invite us for sun downers and dinner. What a warm welcome and great opportunity to learn more about their extraordinary boat!

Falk, the project director and technician, explains the on-board systems to us with great detail. The engines, kitchen tools, every piece of equipment is 100% powered with solar energy! He and trainee Andrea use the SolarWave as research station to learn everything about solar energy. Falk also proves to be a very skilled drone pilot and makes stunning images of our bay and Lucipara. Meanwhile, Susanne prepares cocktails and a delicious dinner. We are overwhelmed by their generosity. As they say in German, wirklich irre!

Luxurious Emission-Free Cruising

Soon we experience why the SolarWave crew chose the Ionian Sea as their preferred testing and cruising area. There is lots of sun and very little wind. As we can’t sail, Falk invites us to go on an excursion with the SolarWave. We happily accept his invitation and leave Luci alone at the anchorage. While we silently cruise with 5 knots, it feels a bit odd that we don’t have to steer and navigate ourselves. And the luxury doesn’t end there. We bake bread, make water and even do our laundry, all on solar energy. At the anchorage in Petriti we try out a paddle board with an electric propeller and visit a bar/hotel set in a replica Garden of Eden. The place puts us under its spell. We forget the time and only leave at dawn. No problem for the SolarWave: the batteries take over and we sail effortlessly through the darkness. We love the silence, the pace and the lack of emissions. The future of motor boating has definitely arrived!

Kerkyra with Friends

Our friend Saskia has come to Corfu to spend a few days with us. After we pick her up SfS-style – by kayak – we spend all evening catching up. It’s great to see her again after more than a year. Together with the SolarWave crew we explore Corfu’s capital Kerkyra. Falk and Susanne know the best spots and take us on a tour. By dinghy we cruise through a shallow canal along the old fort. Venetian lions along the route are a testament to Corfu’s past as a strategic naval base for the Venetian Republic. In the historic centre, well-preserved buildings and churches give the town a historic yet peaceful ambiance.

Falk also knows where to find a good chandlery. We buy courtesy flags for the Balkan countries and Saskia gifts us the Adriatic Sea pilot. That’ll come in very handy for the next leg of our trip. Then it’s time for Floris to visit the officials. While the others explore the local food market, he goes on a solo mission to obtain the DEKPA, the cruising permit for Greek waters. Although sailors don’t seem to get checked, we don’t want to risk a fine for not having this document. Two hours, two government institutions and five civil servants later, Floris comes back with a big smile on his face and the DEKPA. The bureaucratic ordeal he went through was quite amusing and can be read in full on noonsite.

Weiter geht es auf der Website von Sailors 4 Sustainability!